Grafana progress list plugin

CorpGlory Dev team specializes in Grafana plugins development and there is a plugin we want to tell you about.

Once we needed a plugin able to show large sorted lists of bars; calculation of total values on current time range and color scheme dependent of value. We made plugin that supports it and place them to opensource. We called it grafana-progress-list

Grafana released bar-gauge-plugin later in Grafana 6, but their plugin has limitations:

  • no sorting over bars
  • no color mappings
  • no calculation total value
  • and bugs UI ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Progress list supports all features above.


Top CPU usage

Let's say that you are an enrineer trying to find what caused an failure accident of your system. First what you would look at is CPU load.

Grafana-progres-list helps to find the most CPU intense processes by sorting and coloring them:

Now instant values about top process that use CPU available:

Mappings Keys to Colors

You can color bars not by value, but by key. For example, if you have four network interfaces with different "colors", it possible

What's next